Employer Registration for Santa Clara Law’s Early Interview (OCI) Program is now open!

The Office of Career Management is now accepting employer registrations to participate in our August 2015 Early Interview (On-Campus Interview) Program. Join us between August 3 – 28, 2015 in Bannan Hall, to interview Santa Clara Law students. Need a later interview date? Not a problem. Contact us at law-ocm@scu.edu. More details available after registration.

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  • Ahem: Entering Into Networking Conversations (8/17/2015) -   I organize several networking events each year for Santa Clara Law students.  These are marvelous opportunities for students to meet practicing lawyers and judges.  During each event, I sometimes notice students no longer mingling and engaging in behaviors to
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  • From One Introvert to Another: Tips to Navigate a Networking Event (7/23/2015) - I recently watched Pixar Animated’s Film Inside Out, an imaginary tale of how the emotions inside the mind direct our interactions with the outside world. I could particularly relate to the character Fear, who, according to the movie, is supposed
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  • N*#tw!&king is Not a Four Letter Word (7/1/2015) - I have a confession to make. When I got into grade school a whole new vocabulary opened up for me as my circle of acquaintances became larger. I have always loved words, and relished using as many new ones as
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  • Top Interview Tips for Up and Coming Law Professionals (5/7/2015) - Be ON TIME Timeliness is a vital to your first impression. Show up at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled interview in order to allow ample time to collect yourself, grab a coffee or water, and introduce yourself properly.
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