What is OCI?

The Virtual On Campus Interview (VOCI) program is an efficient process for some legal employers to interview our students on campus for summer and entry-level associate positions. This year OCIs will take place virtually, in August 2022. We will continue to assist employers with Ad Hoc OCI. For more information please email us at law-ocm@scu.edu.

We have two different programs.

Virtual OCI

Interview Dates: Big Law/Corporations: August 2 – 5, 2022

Interview Dates: Public Interest/Public Sector & Small & Mid-Size Firms: August 9 – 12, 2022

Employment: Primarily for summer positions for 2Ls/part-timers and a few for entry level associate positions for graduating students.

Types of Employers: Large firms who can predict hiring needs, but also some government agencies, local small firms, companies and nonprofits.

Size of program: Our largest number of employers – often 50+

Past Participants:


Ad Hoc OCI

Interview Dates: Any time during Fall or Spring semester.

Employment: Any current class year depending on the employer’s needs.

Types of Employers: Any type – depends entirely on employer needs.

Size of program: A small number of employers each semester – often under 10

What is a Resume Collect?

  • Some legal employers are unavailable to recruit on campus but still want to receive resumes from students interested in their opportunities at a specific time; this is called a resume collect.
  • Instead of the employer conducting interviews on campus, the employers will call the candidates they wish to interview to their office.
  • Apply for resume collect opportunities in the same place you apply for OCI.

How to Apply

  • Virtual OCI (VOCI) Registration – Sign-up for the August 2022 VOCI Event on CORE. Your registration acknowledges 1) you opt-in for VOCI, 2) you understand and will abide by OCM’s MOU expectations, and 3) you accept VOCI emails sent to your scu.edu address.
  • Tips for VOCI SuccessEmployer panel recording
  • Ad Hoc OCIs look like regular job postings in CORE but the description will indicate that the interview will be on campus on a certain date.
  • TIP: If you are even remotely interested in VOCI, apply. You can decide NOT to participate later. Employers may decide to cancel VOCI if not enough students apply.
  • Contact law-ocm@scu.edu with questions.

Key Dates

August 2022 Virtual OCIs (On-Campus Interviews):


VOCI student event REGISTRATION opens in CORE.
Students MUST register to participate in the August 2022 VOCI Event.

5/30/22 FINAL day for student VOCI registration.
6/3/22 Participating employer registration due.
6/4/22 Students can begin viewing participating VOCI employers in CORE.
6/13/22 Application period opens in CORE at 9:00 am (PST).
6/19/22 Spring 2022 grades anticipated to be available – update your resumes!
7/14/22 Application period ends at 12:00 p.m. (PST).
7/20/22 Employers select students to interview.
7/22/22 Selected students schedule their interview times beginning at 12:00 pm (PST).
7/25/22 FINAL day for students to select interview times at 12:00 pm (PST).

7/25 – 7/29/22

Mock Interviews available with OCM. Book your appointment on CORE.
7/25 – 7/26/22 Alternate student/swap period opens 7/25 at 12:01 pm to 7/26 at 12:00 pm (PST).
7/26/22 Employers receive their interview schedules.
8/2 – 8/5/22 Big Law/Corporations VOCI take place.
8/9 – 8/12/22 Public Interest/Public Sector/Small & Mid-Size Firms VOCI take place.
8/16 – 11/23/22 Ad-Hoc VOCI take place.

If you have any questions, please contact Office of Career Management at law-ocm@scu.edu.

Meet with OCM

Our office is dedicated to assisting you with the OCI application process and preparing you for interviews. We strongly encourage scheduling an appointment to review your resume and cover letter, and to conduct mock interviews, in advance of interviewing with employers. We are committed to ensuring that you have every chance of success at finding meaningful employment!