Info for LL.M. Students

Job Search Strategies for International LL.M. Candidates

The OCM provides services to LL.M. students as well as JD students. Regardless of your academic background or prior work experience, OCM can assist in your preparation by offering support, guidance and resources. Sarah Tesconi is the dedicated LL.M. career coach and is available for one-on-one advising on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, networking and job search strategies. However, as a student you are welcome to book an appointment with any of our career coaches. To book an appointment please log into CORE here or call (408) 554-4350.

Please review any Visa restrictions that may impact your ability to work in the United States:


If you plan to target employers in the US as part of your job search, you will first need to revise your curriculum vitae to more closely resemble a US-style resume. Come see us to learn how!

Cover Letters

If your resume tells potential employers what you have accomplished, the purpose of the cover letter is to explain why they should hire you. They are typically 3-4 paragraphs and should include why you are applying to that particular employer (why them?), why you would be perfect for the job (your skills and experience), and a short closing paragraph.

Networking (Building Professional Relationships)

The majority of jobs in the US are secured through personal and professional relationships. Many OCM and student group events offered throughout the academic year offer some opportunity for networking and meeting potential employers, whether through an informal gathering immediately following a panel discussion or through a more formal event that is specifically designed to connect you with legal practitioners.


Fall Semester:

  • Attend Orientation including the specific presentations for LL.M.s.
  • Prepare your resume and schedule an appointment with a career coach in OCM.
  • Attend networking events put on by OCM as well as student groups and start building your professional network.
  • Attend First Year Friday events of interest.

Winter Break:

  • Use this time to develop your network. Reach out to SCU Law Alumni and conduct informational interviews. Ask a career coach how!

Spring Semester:

  • Continue to keep an eye out for relevant First Year Friday events.
  • Attend OCM spring events.
  • Before you graduate, schedule an appointment with a career coach and make sure your resume is current and you have a job search plan (if applicable).