Interview on Campus

On-Campus Interviews

The Office of Career Management invites employers to conduct on-campus interviews (OCI) of our law students throughout the year. For some employers, this can be an efficient process for interviewing our students. We have three different programs:

# Interview Dates Eligible Candidates
Fall OCI Late July thru Early August prior to Fall Semester
  • Rising 2Ls (& part timers) for semester or summer positions
  • Rising 3Ls (& part timers) for semester or post graduation positions
  • LLMs for post graduation positions
Spring OCI Mid February thru Early March during Spring Semester
  • Current 1Ls (& part timers) for summer positions
  • Current 2Ls (& part timers) for semester or summer positions
  • LLMs for post graduation positions
Ad-Hoc OCI Any time during Fall or Spring semester to provide you with maximum flexibility
  • Any current class year depending on your needs
  • Recent graduates awaiting bar results

Fall 2020 OCI: Key Dates & Registration Information

If you have any questions or need help registering, please contact Christina Johnson, Recruiting and Office Manager, at (408) 554-5492 or


Register here by June 1, 2020.

7/10/20 Employers Receive Applications by July 10, 2020.
7/17/20 Employers Select Applicants to Interview by July 17, 2020
7/24/20 Employers Receive Interview Schedules on July 24, 2020.
7/28-8/11/20 On Campus Interviews (Big Law – Private Firms 51+attorneys and Corporations).
8/4-8/28/20 On Campus Interviews (PI/PS, Government Agencies & Non-Profit Organizations, Mid-size firms – both local and out of area).
7/28-Entire Fall Semester Ad-Hoc OCI registration (Will work around the Academic Calendar when scheduling.)


Private firms (101 + attorneys) $450.00
Private firms (51 to 100 attorneys) $375.00
Private firms (1 to 50 attorneys) $225.00
Corporations $375.00
Government & non-profit organizations $0.00
First time participants $0.00

Cancellation policy: If you must cancel your OCI, please do so by June 8, 2020. For cancellation requests after this date, no refund will be available. Thank you!

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Resume Collection Services

While we hope your recruiting schedule permits a visit to Santa Clara Law for OCIs, you may be unavailable to recruit on campus but still want to receive resumes from students interested in your opportunities at a specific time. If you would like resumes delivered to you all at one time, we are happy to arrange a resume collection for you. Follow the registration process for Fall, Spring, or Ad-Hoc OCI sign ups to request a resume collect in lieu of an OCI.

Ad-Hoc OCI

We’re happy to create an on-campus interview schedule to accommodate your needs. Feel free
to contact Recruiting and Office Manager, Christina Johnson at to arrange one.