Centers – Academic-focused centers that promote scholarship.

Center for Global Law & Policy
Center for Global Law & Policy promotes scholarship in the field of international and comparative law and provides a variety of educational opportunities for law students.

Center for Social Justice and Public Service
Center for Social Justice and Public Service is a community for all who share the commitment to giving voice in the legal system to marginalized, subordinated, or underrepresented clients and causes.

High Tech Law Institute
The High Tech Law Institute helps coordinate Santa Clara Law’s many high tech and intellectual property law programs, initiatives, and events to foster strong ties among our faculty, students, alumni, and the thriving high tech community.

Clinics – Faculty-supervised opportunities to develop lawyering skills.

Entrepreneurs’ Law Clinic
The Entrepreneurs’ Law Clinic focuses on the needs of early-stage Silicon Valley companies, serving the dual purposes of providing SCU-affiliated startups with high-quality, affordable legal help, and giving Santa Clara Law students real-life exposure to legal issues that confront high-tech or other Silicon Valley companies.

Immigration Appellate Practice Clinic
Students represent individuals seeking review of deportation orders before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The students communicate with their clients, research the law and develop arguments, write a brief, and present oral argument before the Court.

International Human Rights Clinic
International Human Rights Clinic (IHRC) provides Santa Clara Law students with unique, practical, and supervised real-life experiences in international human rights litigation and advocacy, and represents victims of human rights violations in partnership with regional and international human rights organizations.

Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center
The Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center provides pro bono advice and representation in several areas including workers’ rights, consumer rights and immigration rights.

Northern California Innocence Project
The mission of the Northern California Innocence Project is to promote a fair, effective and compassionate criminal justice system and protect the rights of the innocent.

Externships – Attorney-supervised work outside of the law school for credit.

Externship Program
Externships are credit positions that entail working with a law firm, in-house corporate counsel, government agency, court or public interest organization. Externships allow students to learn and enhance their legal skills through practical experience in a field placement. Learning from experience is critical for life long professional development as an attorney.

Other Skill-building Opportunities – Additional ways to develop essential lawyering competencies.

Broadband Institute of California
Broadband Institute of California specializes in applied research and education in the areas of law, technology and public policy.

Honors Moot Court
Honors Moot Court gives law students the means to showcase their legal skills and advocacy abilities while developing professional law practice skills.

Institute for Lawyer Leadership Education
Leadership Initiative promotes the development of leadership education for law students by working with academics and members of the legal profession.

Legal Analysis, Research, and Writing (LARAW)
LARAW helps get you practice-ready by providing three semesters of legal analysis, research, and writing courses, designed to allow you to acquire and hone your skills.

Scholarly Journals

Santa Clara Law Review is a legal periodical edited by the law students of Santa Clara University and is the only legal periodical officially sponsored by the Santa Clara University Law School Administration.

Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal is an independent scholarly legal publication founded in 1984 by the students of Santa Clara University School of Law. For over twenty-five years, the Journal has achieved national and international circulation and recognition as a leading forum for multidisciplinary discourse on emerging issues at the juncture of technology, the law, and public policy.

Santa Clara Journal of International Law was founded in 2002. The Journal’s mission is to be at the forefront of scholarly debate in the field of international law and to create the best environment for the open exchange of diverse ideas.