The Privacy Law program at Santa Clara Law is unique in its premier access to industry leaders in data technology. In 2019, the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) ranked our program in the top 5% nationally.

Shreya Vora“I first learned about privacy law through SCU’s externship program at a company in the cloud computing space. I worked directly with the company’s privacy counsel, learning first hand about the cutting edge legal and policy issues facing a company whose business depends on privacy. My externship experience helped me get a position as a Fellow for the Future of Privacy Forum, a Washington, DC based advocacy organization helping advance responsible data practices.”

Shreya Vora, JD ‘10
Current Privacy Counsel at Google


Privacy Law at SCU


Santa Clara Law’s Privacy Law Certificate reflects the growing importance of privacy issues to the global, national and California economies. Privacy concerns have become mission-critical for many key Silicon Valley companies, and privacy has emerged as one of the major social issues of our time. As a result, legislators are constantly enacting new privacy laws, privacy litigation has exploded, and companies are frequently struggling with privacy imbroglios and (sometimes) proactively trying to avoid them. All of this privacy-related legal activity is fueling strong employer demand for dedicated law students with demonstrated privacy expertise. The Privacy Law Certificate is an important resource for those students.