The Center for Global Law and Policy (CGLP) offers opportunities for students and faculty to examine, experience, and contribute to a scholarly platform for international law at Santa Clara University.

The international law curriculum at Santa Clara includes a broad offering of courses, access to the most extensive and one of the oldest law summer abroad programs of any law school in the country, and access to a number of international speakers and scholars throughout the year.


CGLP offers the largest and one of the oldest law summer abroad programs in the country.

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  • 10 Summer Class Programs
  • 30+ Externship Locations
  • Open to students from all ABA and CA accredited law schools
  • A variety of subject areas: Human Rights Law, Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Environmental Law, and Oxford Classic Tutorials offering a number of topics
  • Externship locations include: large international law firms, local firms, NGOs, courts, international organizations, the UN

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Summer Abroad class in Costa Rica

The Center for Global Law & Policy was created to advance international and comparative law scholarship and education among Santa Clara Law students, faculty, and community by:

    1. increasing awareness and knowledge of international and comparative law;

      1. providing opportunities for faculty and students to examine, experience, and contribute to international law on a first-hand, personal basis;
      2. establishing a nationally and internationally renowned platform for quality scholarly exchange of ideas in and knowledge of international law; and
      3. developing leaders in the international community.

Center for Global Law & Policy

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Donald Polden

Director, Center for Global Law & Policy; Dean Emeritus; Professor of Law

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Senior Program Manager, Center for Global Law & Policy

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