2022-2023 Introduction

School of Law Student Bulletin

The online student bulletin is compiled for Santa Clara Law students. It is intended as a source book, containing important information students need about faculty, curriculum, financial aid, administrative rules and procedures, and the resources available through the university at large. The bulletin contains material relevant to everyday life of the student and includes many of the academic policies which govern the activities of students at the Law School.

Each student is responsible for knowing and complying with the rules and procedures outlined in this bulletin. Every student agrees to the terms of a memorandum during the first semester of attendance acknowledging that responsibility.

The Law School Bulletin is the document of authority for all students and is not superseded by other information published by the various academic units.

We hope that you will find this material helpful. If you have any questions, please contact LawStudentServices@scu.edu or (408) 554-4766.