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The foundation of any law school is its faculty. Not only do the faculty constitute the school’s academic “soul,” but the faculty also are the primary source of the students’ professional training. SCU’s full-time faculty is composed of teaching scholars. They are excellent teachers who are involved in the legal profession and in legal scholarship in ways that enhance their effectiveness as teachers.

The full-time faculty is the governing body of the law school and is responsible for the adoption and revision of the curriculum, entrance requirements, academic standards, disqualification policy, and other general rules and procedures relating to the law school’s operation.

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Faculty Judicial Committee

The faculty judicial committee is the judicial arm of the faculty. Except as provided below, the committee has jurisdiction, in highly extraordinary circumstances, to grant a student petition for relief from the application of any rule of the law school, including the rule concerning grade changes.

The faculty judicial committee does not have jurisdiction to consider the following matters:

  1. allegations of unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment, which are subject to consideration pursuant to University procedures
  2. requests for relief from the rules governing academic disqualification
  3. matters of academic dishonesty delegated to the Panel on Student Conduct
  4. matters of accommodations delegated to the Disabilities Review Committee
  5. allegations challenging a faculty member’s evaluation of the quality of a student’s work and consequent judgment in determining a grade.

If a student wishes relief from any rule, the student must first consult with the senior assistant dean for student services. If the senior assistant dean or dean is unwilling to grant such relief, the student may submit a petition to the judicial committee. A petition may consist simply of a letter describing the situation and the relief requested. The letter should be delivered to the senior assistant dean for student services, who will forward it to the judicial committee.

In the event that the members of the faculty judicial committee are unable to convene or otherwise suitably communicate before the time that a judgment on a petition must be rendered, the dean is authorized to perform the functions of the committee with respect to that petition.

Decisions of the committee are final and are not reviewable by the dean, although the committee may refer matters to the executive faculty for advice or decision.


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