• Exam Emergency Numbers
  • ExamSoft Support: (24hrs/day) (866) 429-8889
  • Law Tech:  (408) 554-5762
  • Janelle Atangan: (408) 554-5137

It is the pleasure of the Santa Clara Law Exam Team to support you in your graded assessments. Comprised of staff members of Law Student Services, Law Technology, the Office of Assessment, as well as support from 15 cross department staff members, and over 25 undergraduate and undergraduate proctors, we are all here for you! Exams can be a stressful time in your life, please take advantage of all the resources this page has to offer as well as the contact numbers it contains.

Exam Schedule
Your exam dates are located in the Course Description on the Course Schedule as well as published online. You can also find the consolidated tentative schedule above. It lists all exams that are scheduled as “in-class” exams, but does not preclude an exam from changing to a remote or take-home exam at a later date.

Failure to participate in a scheduled exam without prior arrangements or permission from administration will receive zero credit for the exam. Rescheduled exams are requested through the links listed on this site and must be approved prior to the exam date, barring emergency situations.

Exam Information
All students who participate in graded examinations are to adhere to the University Code of Conduct as well as the Academic Integrity Policy as outlined in the Student Bulletin. Each student is responsible for knowing and complying with the rules and procedures outlined in this bulletin.

Students are not to contact their professors regarding exam day attendance nor are they to contact the professor during the exam. Students should identify the question number under review, state their assumption and answer accordingly.

The majority of all exams are taken on Examplify software. Mock exams are the way you can make sure your machine and the software are ready for exams.

Anonymous Grading Policy
Santa Clara Law administers all graded assessment anonymously with use of a 4-digit anonymous grading ID number (AGID, formerly BGID). Students must use this number for all identifiers as listed on their exams.

Instructors are not to inquire or learn of a student’s AGID prior to final grades being posted. If class participation is to be calculated in to a grade, that information is submitted to the registrar to be incorporated in to the grading rubric.

Exam Return & Review
Faculty may return exams to students via the Exam Return & Review process if they chose to. Requests to see what materials faculty have made available must be in writing by the request link above. Instructors are advised, but not obligated to return exams back to students using this process. All exams are kept for one academic year only.

Contact the Office of Assessment