8 Pillars of Wellness

Student Services

At Santa Clara Law, Wellness Matters

Inspired by the Jesuit value of cura personalis or “care of the whole person,” Santa Clara Law is committed to the active process of developing the potential of all members of its community in each of these eight pillars of wellness – physical, social, emotional, occupational, financial, spiritual, intellectual, and environmental.

Santa Clara Law offers a variety of programming and resources to encourage and promote wellness among students, faculty, and staff. For more information, please click on any of the eight pillars of wellness listed below:

Physical Social Emotional Occupational
Financial Spiritual Intellectual Environmental


Regular physical activity, a healthy diet, and sufficient sleep are necessary to help combat the stress of law school. We promote self-care despite the time pressures of schoolwork and extra-curricular activities. Taking care of our physical health has a direct impact on our resiliency and overall general well-being.

What Santa Clara Law Offers:

  • FREE access to Malley Fitness and Recreation Center offering tennis courts, basketball, swimming pool, intramural sports, fitness classes, and a running/walking loop around campus to ease your stress and boost your physical wellness.
  • Full range medical services including primary and specialty care, health promotion and disease prevention at The Cowell Health Center.
  • Stone Soup Thursdays to break bread together and informally connect with fellow students, faculty and staff over nutritious food.
  • Plenty of trees to hang a hammock and enjoy fresh-air while studying.
  • A bike share program to get you out-and-about.


A feeling of community and connection is important to building resiliency and combatting the stresses of law school. Santa Clara Law helps foster a diverse social environment that is collaborative and helpful despite the competitive nature of the legal field.

What Santa Clara Law Offers:

  • Over 30 diverse law student organizations and publications that allow students to connect with one another while organizing community building events, banquets, and fundraisers.
  • Academic Success Program (ASP) mentors assigned to all 1L students to promote skills needed to succeed in law school and make connections with fellow students.
  • A Student Services Team, along with friendly staff and faculty, that are approachable and interested in supporting student wellness.
  • The law school lounge is a place to hang out with fellow students, faculty, and staff. Play ping-pong, foosball, watch comedy, color or engage in a friendly game of chess.
  • The Arts@SCU welcomes everyone to engage in a variety of free artistic programming. This is a great way to relax and unwind.



Being aware of your feelings, coping effectively with the stress of law school, developing resiliency, and practicing self-care strategies to achieve a sense of mental balance is a focus of the Santa Clara Law Community.

What Santa Clara Law Offers:


Identifying work opportunities in settings that promote personal satisfaction and enrich your personal and professional life. Santa Clara Law will support you in building the skills needed to identify career paths and secure engaging employment.

What Santa Clara Law Offers:


Learning how to manage your day-to-day spending, living on a budget, and developing a post-graduation financial plan is the best way to promote financial wellness.

What Santa Clara Law Offers:


Here at SCU, where people of every faith and background are welcome, your Jesuit education is an invitation to fully-develop every dimension of your humanity.

What Santa Clara Law Offers:


Santa Clara Law provides many opportunities for intellectual engagement in the classroom, as well as, many ways for students to grow outside of their law school curriculum to engage creatively and explore new concepts.

What Santa Clara Law Offers:

  • The Office of Academic & Bar Success works with Santa Clara Law students from orientation to post- graduation to help them succeed in their courses and prepare for the California Bar Exam.
  • Numerous student journals and publications, including: Santa Clara Law Review, Santa Clara Journal of International Law, High Technology Law Journal, The Grapevine, and The Advocate.
  • The Law Library offers a continuously evolving collection of over 500,000 volumes in hard copy, microform, and digital formats that keep pace with new developing areas of the law.
  • BRICS (Bar Resources, Instruction, Coaching, and Support) a supplemental Bar study process offering individual coaching appointments, feedback on assigned practice questions, advice from faculty, and overall student well-being support.


Our surroundings can have a significant impact on our overall mood and level of stress. SCU hosts a variety of spaces on campus for you to discover what environment promotes your personal wellness.

What Santa Clara Law Offers:

  • The Marketplace, Mission Bakery and Café, and the Cellar Market in The Benson Memorial Center serves more than food and beverages. It is also a place for students to congregate and socialize.
  • The amazingly beautiful and historic Missions Santa Clara de Asís is located at the center of the SCU campus and open for visits and mass.
  • A semi-outdoor terrace with access to fresh air while studying, visit the Learning Commons, open to all students.
  • SCU’s organic Forge Garden is a quiet space to study, volunteer to work off stress, or bring home healthy veggies every Friday from the donation based Farm Stand.
  • Enjoy some quiet time in our multi-faith meditation room on the second floor of Charney Hall.
  • Take a relaxing walk around campus, enjoy our California mission-style architecture, and lush rose gardens.
  • Get inspired through art history or enjoy a quiet space to breathe and collect your thoughts at the campus DeSaisset Museum.