Through our network of centers and clinics, we offer students varied opportunities to develop professional lawyering skills, collaborate with faculty who share their interests, and help those in need.


Center for Global Law & Policy promotes scholarship in the field of international and comparative law and provides a variety of educational opportunities for law students.


Center for Social Justice and Public Service is a community for all who share the commitment to giving voice in the legal system to marginalized, subordinated, or underrepresented clients and causes.

High Tech Law Institute promotes and advances the study and development of intellectual property law and related laws and policies as applied to existing and emerging technologies.


The Entrepreneurs’ Law Clinic focuses on the needs of early-stage Silicon Valley companies. Initially, the clinic will represent entrepreneurs with some connection to Santa Clara University, such as alumni or students running start-up ventures. The clinic will serve the dual purposes of providing SCU-affiliated startups with high-quality, affordable legal help, and giving Santa Clara Law students real-life exposure to legal issues that confront high-tech or other Silicon Valley companies.


International Human Rights Clinic (IHRC) provides Santa Clara Law students with unique, practical, and supervised real-life experiences in international human rights litigation and advocacy and represents victims of human rights violations in partnership with regional and international human rights organizations.

Katharine and George Alexander Community Law Center is a free legal clinic where law students work with attorney mentors to represent clients in need.


Low Income Tax Clinic helps to ensure the fairness and integrity of the tax system for the benefit of the local community, and educates law students in the effective, professional and ethical representation of clients in tax disputes with the IRS.


Northern California Innocence Project is a clinical program providing students the opportunity to represent California prisoners raising claims of factual innocence.

Other opportunities for experiential learning

Externships are unpaid, credit positions that entail working with a law firm, in-house corporate counsel, government agency, court or public interest organization. Externships allow students to learn and enhance their legal skills through practical experience in a field placement. Learning from experience is critical for life long professional development as an attorney.

Honors Moot Court gives law students the means to showcase their legal skills and advocacy abilities while developing professional law practice skills.

Death Penalty College is an intensive training program for defense attorneys who represent persons charged in capital cases.

BroadBand Institute of California specializes in applied research and education in the areas of law, technology and public policy.

Center for Insurance Law and Regulation website includes synopses of pending California legislation on insurance law, occasional research papers from students and others.

Institute of Sports Law and Ethics (ISLE) represents a combined effort of Santa Clara Law, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, and the Department of Athletics.

Leadership Initiative promotes the development of leadership education for law students by working with academics and members of the legal profession.