Prof. Colleen Chien published “The AIA at Ten – How Much Do the Pre-AIA Prior Art Rules Still Matter?” in the Patently-O Patent Law Journal. 

Lecturer Nicholas Emanuel wrote a Remedies casebook, which is forthcoming in 2022. 

Prof. Brian J. Love published “The Effect of Fee Shifting on Litigation: Evidence from a Policy Innovation in Intermediate Cost Shifting” in the American Law & Economics Review.

Prof. Tyler Ochoa published “Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Copyright Law in Multinational Litigation” in the Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law.

Prof. Thiadora Pina published a book “Essential Lawyering Skills: A Companion Guide for Neil W. Hamilton’s ROADMAP.”

Prof. Nicholas Serafin’s article “Redefining the Badges of Slavery” is forthcoming in the University of Richmond Law Review. 

Prof. Stephen Smith published “What’s in a Name? Strict Scrutiny and the Right to a Public Trial” in the Idaho Law Review. 

Other News

The Daily Journal interviewed Prof. Michael Asimow regarding his book, Real to Reel

Prof. Eric Goldman’s article “Content Moderation Remedies” was reviewed by Prof. Robert Hillman in Jotwell

Prof. Michelle Oberman received the Faculty Senate Professor Award for outstanding professional achievement.

Prof. David Sloss launched a “Coalition for National Fact-Checking Institute” to advocate for a federal law to address electronic amplification of misinformation.