Prof. Sue Guan made a video explaining her paper how “finfluencers” are impacting stock prices in ways not anticipated by existing law or finance theory. The law school also covered her research into how finfluencers affect stock price movements.

Prof. Ed Lee, who is joining our faculty in Fall, posted an article, “Prompting Progress: Authorship in the Age of AI.”

Prof. Brian Love posted an article, “Do Judicial Assignments Matter? Evidence from Random Case Allocation.”

Profs. Brian Love and Christian Helmers published an article, “Do Standard – Essential Patent Owners Behave Opportunistically? Evidence from the U.S. District Court Dockets.”

Prof. Michelle Oberman published an essay, “The Least Understood Impact of Abortion Bans.” KCBS In Depth also featured her work on abortion issues.

Prof. Don Polden published an article, “No-Poach Agreements: An overview of US, EU, and national case law.”

Prof. Francisco Rivera published a book chapter, “Article 1 of the UDHR – Dignity and Equality“, in “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights – A Commentary.”

Profs. Francisco Rivera and Britton Schwartz co-authored a white paper, “Before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights – Written Opinion Regarding the Request for an Advisory Opinion on the Climate Emergency and Human Rights.”

Prof. Gary Spitko published an article, “Arbitration Secrecy.”

Prof. David Sloss filed an amicus brief (on behalf of himself and 7 other Constitutional law experts) with the US Supreme Court in Trump v. Anderson, urging the court to definitively resolve Trump’s eligibility to be on the ballot. 

Prof. David Sloss made his a video explaining his paper “Guns, Abortion, and Courts.”  

Prof. David Yosifon published an article, “Wandering Mind as Fiduciary Breach: Cognitive Duties of Corporate Directors.”

Prof. David Yosifon is running a podcast series covering his recent law review articles.