Prof. Vangie Abriel published an article, “The California Way: An Analysis of California’s Immigrant-Friendly Changes to its Criminal Laws.”

Prof. Michael Asimow wrote a report, “Fair Procedure in Informal Adjudication,” for the Administrative Conference of the US. 

Prof. W. David Ball helped author an amicus brief to the California Supreme Court regarding pretrial detention.

Profs. W. David Ball and Michelle Oberman published an article, “The Case Against Commercial Casebooks.”

Prof. Pat Cain received the AALS Tax Section’s Inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award at the AALS annual meeting. 

Prof. Taylor Dalton co-authored an article,On Second Thought: An Empirical Analysis of When the Supreme Court Decides Not to Decide.”

Prof. Eric Goldman published an article, “A SAD Scheme of Abusive Intellectual Property Litigation.” The paper was covered extensively in an Emma in the Moment video

Prof. Eric Goldman submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court on Internet Law issues. 

Prof. Sue Guan’s work was highlighted in the Santa Clara University 2023 campus-wide Highlights video

Prof. Tyler Ochoa explains the value of copyright’s public domain to creative production. Check out the related video!

Prof. Nicholas Serafin previewed his next academic article in this Slate essay, “What’s Really Going On With the GOP’s Current School Obsession.” 

Prof. Stephen Smith published an article, “The Right to a Public Trial, Conditional Courtroom Entry and Tiers of Constitutional Scrutiny.”

Visiting Prof. Allison Brownell Tirres published an article, “The Unfinished Revolution for Immigrant Civil Rights.”

Visiting Prof. Allison Brownell Tirres published an article, “Exclusion from Within: Noncitizens and the Rise of Discriminatory Licensing Laws.”