Prof. Margalynne Armstrong received Berkeley Law’s LSAD 2024 Distinguished Alumni Award

Prof. Michael Asimow posted a paper, “The Last Frontier: Fair Procedure in Informal Administrative Adjudication.”  

Prof. Eric Goldman delivered the 2024 Nies Lecture at Marquette Law School on the topic of “Generative AI is Doomed.” The Register reported on the talk, and it was the subject of a Techdirt podcast.

Prof. Eric Goldman published an essay, “Assuming Good Faith Online.

Prof. Eric Goldman published an essay, “How the DMCA Anticipated the DSA’s Due Process Obligations.

Prof. Lisa Kloppenberg published a book review regarding the challenges facing higher education. 

Prof. Linsey Krolik was named to the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s list of 100 Top Women of Influence for 2024.

Prof. Ed Lee (incoming Fall 2024) posted an essay, “The Code Red for Copyright Law,” criticizing the Copyright Office’s position on registrations for AI-created works.

Prof. Ed Lee (incoming Fall 2024) submitted comments to the Copyright Office regarding artificial intelligence and authorship

The Northern California Innocence Project published a report, “Blind Acceptance: A Closer Look at Eyewitness Identification Policies in California.”

Prof. Tyler Ochoa published an article, “Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Copyright Law. 

Prof. Catherine Sandoval (on leave) published an article, “Fighting Utility Wildfire With Knowledge Management and a book chapter, “Leadership Gaps Drive the Digital Divide & Fuel Disaster & Social Vulnerabilities.