Profs. Patricia Cain and Jean Love contributed a chapter on tax law to a book, The Jurisprudential Legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Prof. Colleen Chien published a report, “The Financial Impact of Lost Licenses in Texas.”  

Prof. Colleen Chien and graduating 3L Alyssa Aguilar did an interview about the Paper Prisons project.

Prof. Eric Goldman posted an article, “The United States’ Approach to ‘Platform’ Regulation.” 

Prof. Sue Guan posted an article, “The Rise of the Finfluencer.” 

Prof. Caitlin Robinett Jachimowicz published a chapter titled “A Holistic Look at Counseling as a Lawyer, an American (U.S) Perspective” as part of this book.

Prof. Bradley Joondeph posted an article, “State Taxes and ‘Pike Balancing’.”

Prof. Lisa Kloppenberg did an interview about her biography of Judge Dorothy Nelson.