Prof. Eric Goldman presented his forthcoming paper, “The Constitutionality of Mandating Editorial Transparency,” to Stanford’s Cyber Policy Center.  

Prof. Eric Goldman testified before the California Senate Judiciary Committee about how Section 230 limits state law. His testimony.

The Notre Dame Journal on Emerging Technologies published Prof. Eric Goldman’s essay, “The Crisis of Online Contracts (as Told in 10 Memes).” 

On December 7th, the USPTO is hosting a virtual workshop regarding best practices for diversity in innovation, based on the report prepared by Santa Clara Law’s High Tech Law Institute

Prof. Brian J. Love posted, “An Empirical Test of Patent Hold-Out Theory: Evidence from Litigation of Standard Essential Patents.”

Prof. Nicholas Serafin’s paper, “Redefining the Badges of Slavery,” is one of three publications to receive an “honorable mention” at The Association of American Law Schools annual meeting. 

Prof. David Sloss announced the forthcoming publication of his book, “Tyrants on Twitter: Protecting Democracies from Information Warfare.”

Prof. David Sloss released a webinar, “Confronting Disinformation,” on Other Voices TV.