The Santa Clara University School of Law’s High Tech Law Institute (HTLI) hosted the 21st Annual Works In Progress for Intellectual Property Scholars Colloquium (WIPIP) on Feb. 2-3 2024. WIPIP has long been a beacon for intellectual property scholars, offering a unique platform to present their ongoing academic papers and receive valuable feedback from their peers. As it always is when Santa Clara Law hosts, WIPIP wasn’t just about serious scholarly discussions; it was also about fostering community spirit and having a great time.

Game of Drones 

One of the standout highlights of WIPIP 2024 was the “Game of Drones.” The HTLI took its love for community-building and fun to the next level by having a third-party come host an exhilarating drone competition. Teams collaborated to navigate drones through a challenging series of obstacles, competing for the fastest times. It was a thrilling experience that combined innovation with camaraderie, showcasing the diverse talents of WIPIP attendees beyond their academic pursuits.

A Splash of Cosplay: Bringing the Game of Thrones Theme to Life

WIPIP 2024 embraced a Game of Thrones theme, adding a touch of fantasy to the scholarly atmosphere. Attendees, including HTLI Co-Directors Brian Love and Eric Goldman, fully embraced the spirit of the theme with elaborate costumes. From Jon Snow-inspired ensembles to Targaryen tributes complete with inflatable dragons, the creativity was truly commendable. 

Speaking of costumes, we had to throw in the bananas! As per tradition for HTLI, banana costumes have become synonymous with fun and frivolity, and they had to make an appearance. We are glad Dean Kaufman even joined in on the fun!






Welcoming New Faces: Introducing Ed and Zahr to the SCU Law Community

WIPIP 2024 also provided the perfect platform to introduce Santa Clara Law’s newest additions to the intellectual property faculty: Zahr Said and Ed Lee. Both esteemed scholars were warmly welcomed into the WIPIP community, and what better way to break the ice than by joining in the banana costume festivities? It was a lighthearted yet meaningful introduction that underscored the inclusive and welcoming nature of WIPIP.

In conclusion, WIPIP 2024 was a resounding success that seamlessly blended intellectual discourse with lighthearted fun. From engaging discussions on cutting-edge IP research to thrilling drone competitions and whimsical cosplay, it was an event to remember. As we look forward to future WIPIP gatherings, let’s carry forward the spirit of camaraderie, innovation, and good old-fashioned fun that made WIPIP 2024 truly special.

WIPIP 2025 will be hosted by the UNLV Law School in Las Vegas