In this year’s 2024 USPTO Patent Drafting Competition, the exemplary team from SCU Law, led by coach, SCU Law Alumni, and Fenwick IP Associate Matthew Lem J.D. ‘23  and composed of Audrey Pizak J.D. ‘26, Katricia Dakin ‘25, Nisha Ramesh J.D. ‘24, and Yun Sun J.D. ‘24, showcased remarkable skill and dedication this past weekend.

Months of preparation paved the way for their remarkable performance at the Regional Competition held on March 8 and 9, 2024. Through countless hours of study and practice, they honed their skills, refining their drafting techniques and legal acumen to perfection.

In the face of tough competition, they demonstrated their skills and resilience, earning a spot among the final three contenders! While they fell short of nationals qualification, their achievements reflected their commitment and teamwork.

In the face of competition, they remained undaunted, demonstrating not only their technical proficiency but also their resilience and adaptability. Each team member brought their unique strengths to the table, working together to overcome challenges and excel in the competition.

Though their journey in the competition may have concluded at the regional level, their accomplishments resonate far beyond the boundaries of the competition arena. 

Here’s to SCU Law’s Team – Audrey Pizak, Katricia Dakin, Nisha Ramesh, and Yun Sun and a special thank you to Matthew Lem for his leadership and coaching throughout the team’s journey. Their dedication, teamwork, and unwavering spirit serve as an inspiration to all, embodying the true essence of the SCU Law community.