The deadline to request an exam reschedule due to administrative conflicts is March 4, 2022.

Per the Student Bulletin, an administrative conflict is defined as:

  1. Any exam scheduled to start less than 24 hours of another in-class exam. 
    An example of a valid administrative conflict: 1:30PM exam on Monday followed by a 9:00AM exam on Tuesday.
    An example of an invalid administrative conflict: 9:00AM exam on Monday followed by a 9:00AM exam on Tuesday. 
  2. Three exams scheduled over 2 or more days in the exam period.
    For example, 9:00AM exams for 3 consecutive days.

It is at the discretion of the Office of Assessment which course exam is rescheduled.

The Reschedule Request Form is linked here and can be found on the Law Exams website. Exam times are listed on the Course Schedule.

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