Katharine & George Alexander Law Prize

The first Katharine & George Alexander Law Prize was presented in March 2008 and has been awarded annually thereafter. This award has been made possible through the generosity of Katharine & George Alexander to bring recognition to legal advocates who have used their legal careers to help alleviate injustice and inequity. The hope is that recognition of such individuals will improve the image of lawyers around the world.

The winner receives a substantial cash award to be used as the he or she chooses. The winner will be brought to Santa Clara University to be honored at a ceremony in March. The winner will also be invited to participate in lectures and classes and may choose to serve as a teacher, mentor and scholar for a limited period at Santa Clara Law.

Katharine & George Alexander

Katharine Alexander practiced law for 25 years as a public defender for Santa Clara County and taught law courses for several years at San Jose State University.

The late George Alexander served as professor of law at Santa Clara University for 34 years and as dean of its School of Law for 15 years.

Both Katharine and George have dedicated their lives to instilling in students and lawyers a commitment to justice. Their service to humanity serves as a model for other lawyers.

2023-2024 Law Prize Committee:

Deborah Moss-West, Chair
Executive Director, Katharine and George Alexander Law Center, Santa Clara Law

Sue S. Guan,
Assistant Professor of Law, Santa Clara Law

Scott Maurer
Associate Clinical Professor, Katharine and George Alexander Community Law Center, Santa Clara Law

Lynette Parker
Associate Clinical Professor, Katharine and George Alexander Community Law Center, Santa Clara Law

Francisco Rivera Juaristi,
Associate Clinical Professor and Director, International Human Rights Clinic, Santa Clara Law

Jolee David (ex officio)
Assistant Dean Advancement, Santa Clara Law

Nomination Form
November 3, 2023 is the deadline for 2024 nominations.

Nominees must be lawyers who have used their skill, knowledge and abilities in the field of law to correct injustice. The nominees must be individuals who are committed in both heart and mind to alleviating injustice and inequity.

Selection criteria may include factors such as the:

  • Innovative nature of the programs or other activities undertaken
  • Courage and self-sacrifice required; recognizing the unrecognized¬†
  • Sustainability of the programs the nominee has implemented
  • Diversity of legal practice area and geographical scope of activities [e,g, national versus international]¬† (in relation to recent award recipients)
  • Nature and reach of the nominee’s work including the impact to individuals and the community

Past Alexander Prize winners