Transfer Students

If you have successfully completed one year of study at another law school accredited by the American Bar Association, you may apply to transfer to Santa Clara. The Admissions Committee will consider whether your qualifications are such that you would have been admitted to enter Santa Clara Law as a first-year student. Letters of recommendation from law school professors are often helpful. Admission decisions also weigh heavily your law school performance.

We typically reserve seats for 10-20 talented students each year. Final decisions about admission to the fall semester are not made until the summer months, after the School of Law has received an official transcript showing final semester grades and a dean’s letter of good standing.

To enroll in fall, apply by July 1.
To enroll in spring, apply by November 30.

To apply, you must supply:

  1. An official transcript from your undergraduate degree-granting school
  2. An official transcript from your law school
  3. A letter from your dean saying you are in good standing and eligible to return
  4. Your LSDAS report sent directly from LSAC

Note: Applications are not considered complete until an official transcript for all coursework taken (including current semester) is received.

Upon acceptance, a student’s law school record will be evaluated. A Santa Clara required or elective course is satisfactorily completed if the student has received a grade of C or above for a course with similar content and unit value. To meet residency requirements, transfer students from ABA-approved schools must complete 56 semester units at Santa Clara Law. Transfer students from CBA-approved schools must complete 58 units at Santa Clara Law. Eighty-six units are required for graduation.

Transfer students must have completed courses totaling 50 graded units at Santa Clara to be eligible for honors at graduation. Transfer students are eligible to participate in the Santa Clara Law Review and the Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Journal.

Visiting Students

If you would like to take course work at Santa Clara Law to be applied toward a degree at another law school accredited by the American Bar Association you should follow the same admission procedures as transfer applicants. In addition, you will need to submit a letter of permission from your dean certifying the credits you earn at Santa Clara Law will be accepted toward your degree.


If you are a practicing attorney or judge, you are able to audit a course at Santa Clara Law. Current students may petition to audit a course on a space-available basis. Tuition will be charged at the same rate as current law students. Audited courses will be designated as such on the transcript. If you are interested in auditing a course, please download and submit the auditors’ form.