We’re excited about the high tech curriculum we’ve lined up for you in 2013-14. To help you prepare for Fall registration, we have compiled a spreadsheet of all high tech law courses being offered in Fall. View the spreadsheet. Except as noted, the courses listed on this spreadsheet count towards the high tech law certificate and (in some cases) the various specializations. View the certificate requirements if you are interested in earning a high tech law certificate.

To further help you with your semester-by-semester course planning, we have prepared a chart showing the anticipated offering frequency of high tech law courses. Also, we encourage you to take a look at our guide, "Navigating the High Tech Curriculum," to help you customize your education for different possible high tech practices.

If you are interested in individual course advising, please contact Joy Baker Peacock, the HTLI’s Assistant Director, at joybpeacock@gmail.com to schedule an appointment. If you have questions regarding the high tech law certificate, please contact Dorice Kunis at dkunis@scu.edu or 408-551-1868.

Some additional tips for selecting courses:

• we strongly encourage 2Ls pursuing an IP career or the high tech law certificate to take the IP Survey course in Fall semester so that they have the maximum number of opportunities to take upper division IP elective courses that require the IP Survey course as a prerequisite.

• Profs. Ochoa and Love will use the same grading curve for their IP Survey sections, so there’s no grading-based reason to prefer one section over the other.

• students looking to write a paper next year (either a comment to submit to the Computer & High Technology Law Journal or to fulfill the SAWR) should consider taking the IP Theory course in Fall 2013. IP Theory complements the IP Survey course by looking more closely at the "why" of IP law (in contrast, the IP Survey covers the "what" of IP law). The ALR in IP is another course that could help students working on a paper during Fall semester.

• We STRONGLY encourage you to satisfy your high tech certificate writing requirement by completing your SAWR in a course designated for the certificate. This is the easiest and most reliable way of fulfilling the certificate’s writing requirement. The spreadsheet of Fall course offerings identifies courses which allow you to do a SAWR paper.

Even at this late hour, we are still adding high tech courses for Fall semester, so please double-check the Fall schedule before you register to see if other attractive choices have been added. Also, we will be adding more high tech courses to Spring semester, so the current list of high tech courses in Spring is incomplete. Note that International IP will be offered in the Spring.