Thomas Fisher, Vice President of EdChoiceWith the weather finally turning sunny in the Bay Area for a few hours, students gathered at Charney Hall to hear from Thomas Fisher, Vice President and Director of Litigation at EdChoice. The event was organized by the Santa Clara Law Federalist Society chapter and by Helena Laskey 3L, co-president of the chapter.

EdChoice—formerly the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice—is a non-profit that advocates for school choice, aiming to advance the use of vouchers and the spread of general education. In his role at EdChoice, Fisher has found great value in litigating for educational freedom. “If I can make a positive contribution to these early lawsuits,” Fisher notes, “maybe we can set the stage for school choice to be successful in Indiana in the future.”

Before joining EdChoice, Fisher served as a Deputy Attorney General for 22 years and as Indiana’s first Solicitor General for 18 years. He handled litigation for the state of Indiana, presenting and arguing cases before the Indiana Supreme Court. He has wielded this experience at EdChoice, advancing success in education freedom through the education of officials and citizens through research, demands, and other means.

“It’s tough to have any free-market movement get interest in California,” Fisher commented to the assembled students. “But with any luck, we’ll get families demanding better choices for their children and get some good competition for the public schools in California.”

We applaud the initiative of our students to organize this event, and we are thankful to Mr. Fisher for his time and wisdom!