California Lawyers Association Privacy Law The Privacy Law Section of the California Lawyers Association will provide valuable professional mentorship to Santa Clara Law students in a new pilot program. Santa Clara Law offers one of the only Privacy Law Certificate programs in the country, and the pilot will support students in several ways. First, CLA privacy attorneys will provide counseling to students exploring a privacy career. Second, students committed to a privacy career will be paired with two CLA privacy professionals who will provide sustained mentorship through graduation, including networking opportunities, resume review, and interview advice.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the Privacy Law Section to help our privacy students with their professional development. With the section’s support, Santa Clara Law will continue to produce new generations of leaders in the California privacy community,” commented Professor Eric Goldman, Supervisor of the Privacy Law Certificate.

“The Privacy Law Section of CLA is excited to partner with Santa Clara, a leader in privacy law education, to provide students with additional support to become successful privacy professionals,” according to Hailun Ying, the Privacy Law Section Executive Committee member who spearheaded the development of the pilot program. “The demand for skilled privacy law attorneys continues to outpace the supply, and CLA’s goal is to expand the pilot to other law schools to increase the number of law graduates interested in privacy.”

The mentorship pilot program deepens the partnership between the CLA and Santa Clara Law’s privacy program. The CLA Business Law Section’s Internet and Privacy subsection already have an expedited process to help Santa Clara Law students disseminate their expertise by publishing their privacy-related research.

If you are interested in being a mentor, please email Executive Committee member Joy Peacock at