SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 28, 2023—In order to ensure its students are successful throughout their law school journey, Santa Clara University School of Law is ramping up its bar preparation and professional preparedness resources. 

Santa Clara Law has partnered with Themis Bar Review–a subsidiary of UWorld and a nationally recognized bar exam and academic success firm–to automatically enroll every current and incoming student in Themis’ programs. The new resource will be available to students during their time at law school and as they prepare for the bar exam in California or in any state where their professional opportunities take them.

“In recent years, Themis has been a key partner in our core bar prep program for graduating students,” said Devin Kinyon, professor and director of Santa Clara Law’s Office of Academic & Bar Success. “Making these supplemental resources available to all students will increase their early exposure to the bar exam and enhance their bar-related coursework. Making it easier to manage the costs of bar prep will also be a great benefit for our students.”

Beginning in fall 2023, the Themis partnership will be integrated into existing and newly developed courses and academic support services being offered, with the overall goal of enhancing and bolstering the entire academic program at Santa Clara Law. 

This development introduces students to the entire suite of Themis’ academic resources prior to matriculation and for every stage of their law school careers, including: 

  • 1L skills-building lectures
  • Supplemental content and multiple-choice diagnostic tools on the doctrinal subjects taught in the first year
  • The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) prep course, lectures, handouts, and mini-assessments on all upper-level bar subject content
  •  UWorld’s extensively curated Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) question bank
  • An advanced legal writing course
  • Access to additional study aides and skills-building resources available online at Themis’ website.

Students will be automatically enrolled in Themis’ full-scale bar exam prep course which will be provided to all students at a deep discount over Themis’ list price. Unless they decide to opt out, students will be given complete bar exam preparation materials, including full coverage of both MBE and state-specific subjects, an adaptive calendar and study-pacer, and unlimited graded essays with a Dedicated Essay Grader to offer expert feedback, insights, and guidance.

“We are delighted to join Santa Clara Law in its efforts to provide students with resources that will guide and ultimately lead them to greater success both during law school and on the bar exam,” said Richard Douglas, chief operating officer, Themis Bar Review.

“Taking into account our students’ varied learning styles and their need for flexibility with learning formats, we are pleased to work with Themis given their cutting-edge research on foundational and cognitive skills–such as comprehension and memory retention–that are transferable to both law school and bar exam success,” said Laura Norris, associate dean for academic affairs at Santa Clara Law. “This is a very important step in the law school’s history that supports our commitment to fully engaged student learning.”


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