On May 16, in the Mission Santa Clara, Santa Clara University School of Law and the Santa Clara Bar Association hosted a swearing-in ceremony for the 21 newest members of the California Bar. Santa Clara Law is proud to support the greater profession by hosting this ceremony.

On a beautiful spring day inside the 245-year-old Mission, Michael Kaufman, Santa Clara Law Dean, greeted those assembled to celebrate this important professional milestone. “This truly is an occasion for reflection, for joy, and for gratitude,” said Dean Kaufman. “You have overcome tremendous challenges and shown great strength of character and perseverance.” Dean Kaufman invited those gathered to on the blessings of their loving relationships, each of whom has supported them every step of the way. “You have not only acquired practice-ready skills, but you have developed habits of mind and heart that will allow you to serve your clients and your communities with competence, conscience, and compassion.”

The Honorable Beth McGowen, Assistant Presiding Judge of the Superior Court of Santa Clara County in California, swore those assembled into the California Bar; and the Honorable Edward J. Davila, District Judge for the Northern District of California, swore the group into federal court. Other speakers at the event included Bruce MacLeod, President, Santa Clara County Bar Association; and Claire Melehani, Chair, Barristers, Santa Clara County Bar Association.

Watch a recording of this event here.

View photos from the event below (opens in new window on Flickr).

5.22 Law Swearing In Ceremony