Michelle Oberman spoke with San Jose Outside about how equitable access to abortion services in San Jose is not a guarantee, despite many options.

Michelle Oberman, a law professor at Santa Clara University, has seen this all before, having spent decades studying the ramifications of forced pregnancy in El Salvador, Chile and Nicaragua. And while she’s seen this coming from an intellectual perspective, Oberman says she’s still emotionally stunned, shocked and surprised by the reality of pregnant people being denied the right to determine their future and make their own medical decisions.

“This will be an unenforceable law, and it’s unenforceable even in countries like Salvador that are completely committed to enforcing it,” Oberman says. “This is a moment I didn’t think I would see; I’m horrified to have to see it, and everything I’ve learned and everything I’ve done and everything I’ve worked for my entire life is now actually in play. It matters urgently that we respond in this moment.”