Yesterday, Santa Clara University School of Law was pleased to announce the largest-ever gift of $10 million in matching and direct funds by tech pioneer Howard Charney and his wife Alida Schoolmaster Charney to help fund a new technologically advanced, collaboration-oriented law school building.

Earlier this year, Santa Clara University alum Howard Charney (’73 MBA, ’77 JD) received a Special Achievement Alumni Award. A new video is available which highlights Howard Charney’s connection to Santa Clara Law and the contributions he has made both to the school and as a technology leader in Silicon Valley.

“This is hard stuff,” says Charney of his experience with taking law classes. “It’s the most intellectually challenging education I undertook. I am an engineer. I studied quantum physics and differential equations. That stuff is easy compared to the law, which is very subtle and very argument-based.”

“It’s almost poetry to me reading supreme court decisions because of its language,” Charney says.

The entire video is embedded below and available on YouTube.


Join the Charney Challenge

With the generous gift from Howard & Alida Charney, we have launched the Charney Challenge to inspire additional gifts for the law school building project fund from alumni, donors and friends of Santa Clara Law. Donations and pledges to the fund between now and June 2016 will be matched by the Charney Challenge in anticipation of breaking ground on the building project next summer.

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