Eric Goldman was mentioned in a Media Post article about the two lawsuits recently filed against Google. Additionally Goldman wrote a blog post that recapped the series of essays published on The Atlantic that was a collaboration with the Markkula Center. Goldman was also mentioned in an American Thinker blog post about the implications of Trump’s tweets. Additionally, Goldman was quoted on the Independent and the Huffington Post about the constitutionality of Trump blocking accounts from his personal Twitter account. A op-ed written by Goldman for Forbes about Facebook’s responsibility to monitor a fake pornography account was cited in an Ars Technica article about why Facebook should not be held responsible. He was also quoted in The Recorder about the future of emoji laws and their implications, and in OIA News about how clauses in JetSmarter’s member agreement contracts may not be in line with Consumer Review Fairness Act regulations. Additionally, Goldman was quoted in The Recorder about how Google’s name can be protected under federal trademark laws, and in SF Gate about the legal reasons why Bachelor in Paradise contestants cannot talk about the potential misconduct that occurred on set.