Eric Goldman was quoted in the New York Times and 103 other outlets about how difficult it is to oppose bills that aim to combat sex trafficking. He also was quoted in about the tension between social media companies and their users; in a Wired article, which ran in five other outlets, about the federal seizing of; in News 4 and 37 other outlets about Senator Ted Cruz’s incorrect understanding of Section 230; in Skift about the regulatory crackdowns on Airbnb and the company’s response; and in TechDirt about the Backpage/SESTA issue; in Quartz Media about whether or not social media websites should be liable for the content published on their site; in the San Francisco Chronicle about racist comments being posted on Yelp for a Philadelphia Starbucks; on KFXL-TV Online about Senator Cruz’s understanding of Section 230; in a KQED article about Facebook’s guidelines on how it censors posts; in Wink about the misunderstandings in court cases involving emojis; and in Techdirt, about harassment through Twitter and other social medias. He was also mentioned on The Verge for his previous interview about deepfakes, which is a face-swapping technology where men and women’s faces are put on bodies that are not theirs without their consent.