Attendees at WIPIP 2024

Attendees at WIPIP 2024

 Earlier this month, the High Tech Law Institute hosted the 2024 Works-in-Progress Intellectual Property (WIPIP), featuring nearly 90 presentations and over 110 attendees from four continents. 

Eric Goldman and guest having fun at WIPIP 2024

Eric Goldman and guest having fun at WIPIP 2024

Santa Clara Law’s High Tech Law Institute (HTLI) loves organizing game nights to build community and have fun. This time, we retained an outside vendor to run “Game of Drones.” Working together on a team, players navigated drones through a series of obstacles to achieve the fastest times.

Because the vendor called their game “Game of Drones,” we wove elements from Game of Thrones throughout the entire event. And it wouldn’t be a Game of Thrones theme without some cosplay and costumes! 

Our attendees’ team names:

Team 1: Khal Drogo

Team 2: Khal Drone Go

Team 3: Dragons Are Prior Art for Drones

Team 4: Drone on Copyright (1879)

Team 5: Red Flag Knowledge Wedding

Team 6: A Team Has No Name

Team 7: House TradeStarks™

Team 8: droner-morghulis

Attendees at WIPIP 2024 "playing"

Attendees at WIPIP 2024 “playing” together

Note that the first two teams came up with nearly identical names. Trademark issues crop up everywhere! We didn’t have an adjudicatory process to resolve their priority; instead, the teams had to settle their dispute by (drone) combat. We selected “A Team Has No Name” as the best team name. However, that team’s members disappeared over the course of the game, so it became “A Team Has No Team Members.”

In addition to the festivities, IP law professors Zahr Said and Ed Lee were welcomed as incoming Santa Clara Law professors! Said and Lee will be joining the law faculty and the WIPIP community in the Fall.

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Brian J. Love

Professor of Law and and Co-director of the High Tech Law Institute

Eric Goldman

Associate Dean of Research, Professor of Law and Co-Director, High Tech Law Institute

Tyler T. Ochoa

Professor of Law