Photo by Joanne Lee

Photo by Joanne Lee

Over the years, a number of Justices of the United States Supreme Court have visited Santa Clara University including Anthony Kennedy in 2000, and Sandra Day O’Connor in 2001. In October 2015, Associate Justice Antonin Scalia visited the University. His unexpected passing in February 2016 raises a number of legal and political issues surrounding his replacement.

New editorials from Santa Clara University School of Law professors comment on some of these issues:

Judge Merrick Garland: A Wise Choice by Professor David L. Sloss

“Delay, Delay, Delay”: Why Senators’ Refusal to Hold US Supreme Court Nomination Hearings Degrades Our Constitutional Process by Professor Margaret M. Russell

Replacing Justice Scalia: After 44 Years, Could the Conservative Majority End? by Professor David L. Sloss

Other News Coverage

The news archive covering Justice Scalia’s visit to our campus is also available: