Why Take Our Courses

Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center

For more than 25 years, the KGACLC has provided free legal services to low-income individuals seeking help with consumer, employment and immigration matters. The Community Law Center’s attorneys are regional and even national experts in their respective areas, and this quickly becomes evident in their courses. They bring to the table years of experience in private practice and in a University setting, a genuine interest in their students’ professional development, and an outstanding commitment to the needs of the Law Center’s community.

The KGACLC accepts a few carefully-screened cases for full and partial representation every semester. It offers weekly clinics during which individuals obtain free legal advice from law students who work under the supervision of attorneys. When you sign up for a Litigation Skills I or a Litigation Skills II course, you become part of a legal team dedicated to helping individuals with real-life situations.

Regardless of the legal area that you choose, you will obtain hands-on experience in:

  • interviewing clients
  • writing briefs
  • deposing witnesses
  • obtaining and writing declarations
  • communicating with opposing counsel
  • negotiating with opposing counsel
  • preparing clients for court hearings
  • representing clients during hearings
  • many other useful skills

If you already speak another language, you may get to practice it and hone your legal vocabulary; if not, you’ll learn to work with interpreters, a skill that is greatly underestimated.

Every semester you may have an opportunity to interact with attorneys who volunteer at the Community Law Center, with KGACLC former students, and with other legal professionals in the area. The Community Law Center is the perfect medium to establish valuable contacts who may be of great assistance when you launch your job search. Network. Network. Network.