Ways you can support the Law Center


  • Support the Law Center with an annual donation
  • Attend the Law Center’s Annual Celebration
  • Donate an item to the Law Center’s Silent Auction
  • Have your firm sponsor a table at the Annual Celebration
  • Ask your firm to match your donation to the Law Center
  • Designate or encourage your colleagues to name the Law Center as a Cy Pres award recipient


  • Serve on an Advisory Board Committee
  • Join the Advisory Board
  • Mentor a Law Student
  • Volunteer at a workshop or community clinics
  • Offer to be a speaker at a CLE or the Law Center’s “Hot Topics” series on campus


  • Use social media to promote the work of the Law Center
  • Like the Law Center on Facebook, follow us on other social media
  • If you blog, consider writing an article about the work of the Law Center


  • Be the “eyes and ears” of the Law Center out in the community
  • Be a “goodwill ambassador – tell at least 5-10 people about the work of the Law Center
  • When attending SCU Law events reconnect with Law Center alums and staff