Advice Clinics at the Santa Clara County Superior Court

Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center

The Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center (Law Center) attorneys, law students, and volunteers provide free legal services for low-income unrepresented defendants and consumers. The Clinic is currently offered remote following current Santa Clara County COVID-19 guidance; however, the Clinic will resume at the Santa Clara County Superior Court Self-Help Center once restrictions are lifted.

The Advice Clinic is available every Wednesday, 11:30am-3:00pm.

Please call for a remote appointment at (408) 288-7030


Law Center attorneys, law students and volunteers will assist, if you do not have a lawyer, in completing the forms necessary to defend against collection suits (including but not limited to answers). The Law Center will also provide information regarding:

  • Alternatives to litigation
  • Community resources
  • Other legal services that may be available in the community
courthouse clinic


You may receive advice in the following areas:

  • Debt collection abuse
  • Student loan issues
  • Car sales, financing, repossession
  • Disputes relating to towing of vehicles
  • Door-to-door sales
  • Home improvement contract issues (including solar panel issues)
  • Credit reporting issues
  • Dealing with default judgments obtained by sewer service
  • Identity theft
  • Co-signer issues


Homeowners – you may receive advice, information or referral in the following:

  • Disputes with mortgage companies
  • Loan modification assistance
  • Issues related to fraud, predatory lending or financial abuse

Download the Court Clinic Flyer

Please note that any advice provided at the Self-Help Center will be given by or through attorneys from the Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center. Courthouse employees are not permitted to provide legal advice.