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Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center

NOTICE: The contents of this Collection Lawsuit Defense Guide do not constitute legal advice. The guide provides step-by-step instructions and information about local practices in Santa Clara County Superior Court. Your case may have factors requiring different procedures or forms. If you need further assistance, please consult a lawyer or call the KGACLC for a referral or potential appointment. Our number is (408) 288-7030. Last edited 2022.

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The Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center (KGACLC) Consumer Practice Area provides free legal services to low-income individuals who have been victimized as consumers and debtors by unfair business practices and fraud. The major types of cases include:

Consumer issues

  • Fraud while purchasing a new or a used car
  • Car repossession or towing issues
  • Debt collection harassment
  • Notario or paralegal fraud
  • Telemarketing or door-to-door sales fraud

          *    Disputes with banks regarding unauthorized transfers


Debtors’ issues

  • Identity fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit reporting problems

           *   Disputes with Debt Settlement Companies 

  • Other miscellaneous consumer cases


The Community Law Center offers advice clinics monthly regarding consumer-related issues and  debtors’ rights. The advice provided during the clinics is free of charge. See our current clinic schedule.

Depending on the available resources, the KGACLC may decide to offer full legal representation to a limited number of clients seen during its legal clinics. Although these representation services are free, there may be other costs that will not be covered by the KGACLC. Such costs may include court fees, mailing fees, interpreting fees, etc.

Please make an appointment.   Consumers must call the Law Center at (408) 288-7030 the Monday prior to attending the Wednesday legal clinic at the Court’s Self-Help Center.