Student Testimonials

Nazia Chandiwalla

Nazia Chandiwalla ’19: “The Clinic taught me more than my classes have. In addition to strengthening my professional and practical skills, I gained knowledge in human rights law and how to advocate for human rights. The clinic allowed me to learn and apply my legal research and writing skills, and fostered a balance between independent work and group collaboration. I strongly recommend joining the International Human Rights Clinic.”

Amisha DeYoung-Dominguez

Amisha DeYoung-Dominguez ’18: “Being a part of the work at the human rights clinic has given me the opportunity to work on the projects I always envisioned myself doing in law school. While taking the required doctrinal classes, I often felt disconnected from the community work I felt passionate about. Working on the CEDAW ordinance and women’s homelessness issues gave me a renewed sense of purpose.”

Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams ’19: “The International Human Rights Clinic gave me the opportunity to apply a unique and fascinating area of law to real situations. I have learned that international human rights law can be applied to a multitude of scenarios, many of which I had previously never even considered.”

Melissa Fox

Melissa Fox ’18: “The International Human Rights Clinic enhanced my legal education exponentially. I gained a comprehensive understanding of a new body of law, and learned how to use that law in practical applications. Our project on homeless women in Santa Clara County encompassed work in domestic violence prevention and protection, administrative law, the right to adequate housing, legislative drafting, oral advocacy, client interviewing, and community involvement. Clinic students worked with the County to pass a new ordinance prohibiting discrimination against women, and helped the County identify ways to remedy the homelessness crisis. Professor Rivera helped me identify legal issues I am passionate about and taught me how to effectuate change on a tangible level. I would not have had this invaluable experience without the International Human Rights Clinic.”

Susan Shapiro

Susan Shapiro ’18: “IHRC has given me the opportunity to travel the world while also learning valuable and practical skills. IHRC was the best decision I made in law school.”

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