International Human Rights Clinic’s
Mission & Vision

The Clinic’s Mission is:

  • To enable experiential learning of international human rights law through unique litigation, advocacy and policy opportunities within our own regional human rights system and other domestic and international venues,
  • To inspire students to be ethical and professional human rights advocates, and
  • To advance Santa Clara Law’s social justice objectives.

The Clinic aims to:

  • Stimulate students to think creatively about the law from a professional, ethical, and social-justice perspective;
  • Provide students with a supportive environment in which they can develop lawyering skills essential for effective practice in any legal field;
  • Encourage students to share opinions and to work in teams as they learn and reflect upon the complexities of substantive and procedural issues in human rights law;
  • Provide students with access to some of the world’s leading international human rights experts;
  • Teach students how to become effective human rights advocates;
  • Offer guidance and mentorship as students struggle with the legal and human aspects involved in representing victims of human rights violations;
  • Challenge students to incorporate international human rights law into their professional domestic or international legal practice, and
  • Motivate students to consider a career in international human rights law, and help them identify and obtain internship and job opportunities at NGOs and international, regional, and domestic human rights institutions.

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