Dear Members of the Santa Clara Law Community,

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

In her wonderful poem “The Summer Day,” Mary Oliver asks us all to ponder that question as we stroll through the summer fields and grass, really paying attention, and being astonished by the beauty within the smallest things and moments. I hope and pray that you have been able to find the time to experience that kind of wonderment this summer.  

As our summer days draw to a close, we look forward to welcoming a remarkably talented new class of 1Ls to our astonishingly beautiful campus as they embark on their legal education at Santa Clara Law. We all know that their law school experience will be transformative and that they will embrace boundless opportunities for professional growth. We also know that our awe-inspiring faculty, staff-educators, and alumni community will support their wild and precious journeys every step of the way.

Next week, our recent graduates will sit for the California Bar Exam. In the past few months, along with the help of Professor Devin Kinyon, Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Office of Academic and Bar Success, as well as other bar preparation services, they have tirelessly devoted their time and energy to preparing for this significant milestone. I have complete faith in our exceptional graduates’ abilities to conquer the Bar Exam, a challenging yet rewarding opportunity to showcase the legal acumen they have accumulated throughout their education at Santa Clara Law. Please join me in providing words of encouragement and cheer to our incredible graduates who will be taking this important step in advancing towards the legal profession. 

Once again, I am grateful to our vibrant alumni community for your unwavering commitment to Santa Clara Law. 

With warm regards and tremendous gratitude,