Midterm and final exams are a very big part of all students’ lives here at SCU Law.  Because we use Blind Grading ID’s and specialized software, it is important to understand all aspects of the process.  The more you know beforehand, the less you have to worry about the technical stuff, and the more time you can spend studying.

Softest is an application developed by Examsoft that provides us with a number of different types of test options.  Softest can be used:

  • In “Secure” mode, Softest controls your computer at launch whereby access to the internet, files on one’s computer, or anything outside of the secure word processor in Softest is restricted.
  • “Unsecure” mode is a completely open exam. When launching Softest, you can minimize Softest screen size, use the internet, open up notes, etc.
  • “NBI” mode, No, Blocked Internet. Same as our Unsecure mode where your able to access your notes from your computer hard drive but! your “internet access is blocked”.
  • Take-home exam system.
    • Commonly, faculty will give students one day to 1 week to submit an take home exam.  Most common take home exam system at Santa Clara Law is “Softest Take Home”. Student’s are able to download exams instructions onto your computer desktop and upload exams before due date and time.
  • Some faculty also give plain take-home exams that can be written in Microsoft Word or any other processor.

Whether your exam is secure, open, take-home, or anything in between is the decision of your professor.


 Important information from Law School Faculty Support Services  and Law Technology & Academic Computing Teams.

Before every Midterm or Final Exams periods, the Law School Exam Manager will e-mail your very important instructions to your SCU.EDU GMail address only!

It is your responsible (Law Students) to read “all E-mail’s send by your exam team manager, Lisa Willett with the subject line Exams or Important!”

At times during the Law School year, our exam software vendor, Examsoft  tends to update it exam software (Softest) so it is very important to read your update by our Law Exam Team Manager!