Amanda AdamsAmanda Adams ’16
Bay Area Legal Aid

I am currently working at Bay Area Legal Aid for their family law unit. It is such a rewarding experience to work so closely with clients and amazing supervisors. Last spring, I volunteered at the Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s office. The Placement Project at Santa Clara Law provides great academic year training opportunities.


Reagan Bradley-BrownRegan Bradley-Brown ’18
Catholic Charities

I am working with Catholic Charities to provide immigration services for the South Bay Area. We work with individuals to apply for various immigration statuses and to become naturalized citizens.


Ibraham DboukIbraham Dbouk ’18
East Palo Alto Economic Advancement Program

I am volunteering at the East Palo Alto Economic Advancement Program. I have conducted interviews with clients needing legal assistance, and write memos to the lead attorney in order for her to give effective legal advice. It is great being able to utilize skills learned during 1L year for the benefit of others.


Sara ForghaniSara Forghani ’18
Asian Law Alliance

I am currently volunteering at the Asian Law Alliance primarily handling intake, interviewing clients, and condensing that information for supervising attorneys, as well as helping clients fill out various documents during clinic hours. I greatly enjoy the environment. I am getting exposure in what it is like to work in a real law firm setting. More importantly, I feel that I am making a difference by helping people in the community with a broad range of issues.

Anderson LamAnderson Lam ’18
Asian Law Alliance

My pro bono placement is with the Asian Law Alliance. I enjoy the hands-on experience I am receiving from my pro bono placement because it reminds me that all the things I am learning in the classroom are for the purposes of serving clients. I perform intakes which help my supervising attorneys identify issues and whether or not we can assist potential clients. I work in the immigration clinic which includes helping clients file for citizenship, work permits, and more.


Amanda LeeAmanda Lee ’18
Asian Law Alliance

Asian Law Alliance is a resource for low-income individuals and families to obtain quality legal assistance for pertinent livelihood issues. As a volunteer of Asian Law Alliance, I respond to in-person and over-the-phone inquiries varying from improper housing evictions, to U.S. citizenship applications, to green card renewals.


Megha Manjunath Megha Manjunath ’18
South Asian Bar Association

Volunteering with the South Asian Bar Association these past few months has been a very unique and humbling experience. It has taught me that being involved with the local community is an important aspect of shaping your legal career, and I am fortunate to have had this opportunity here at Santa Clara Law!


Jorge TenaJorge Tena ’18
Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto

I am volunteering at the Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto. Each week, I research a housing issue ranging from particular instances of unlawful rent increases to the general applications of right of first refusal laws in San Mateo County. I am gaining legal skills and learning about a new practice area, landlord tenant law.


Charles TierneyCharles Tierney ’16
Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office

I volunteer at the Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office. I write legal memos and research complex issues. I also prepare and argue motions on the record.



Alvin YuAlvin Yu ’16
Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

I am currently working at the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley: Mental Health Advocacy Project. Within the Mental Health Advocacy Project, there are various practice areas ranging from poverty prevention, patients’ rights, and housing rights and homelessness prevention. I am assigned to the housing rights unit where my work focuses on addressing issues of housing and homelessness for people identified as having a mental health or developmental disability. This includes defending evictions, assisting with housing complaints, landlord/tenant conflicts, and habitability.


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