Law Practice Management

Class Information Spring 2020

  • 2 units
  • Class No.: 10228
  • Meets: Monday
  • Time: 5:30 pm - 7:20 pm
  • Location: 201
  • Exam:
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Michelle Galloway

Adjunct Professor

Law Practice Management

Course Description:

The course will introduce students to the business aspects of the legal profession including the marketplace for legal services in today’s economy. The topics addressed will include: forms of law practice (including non-traditional alternatives), strategic planning, client development (marketing, client intake, conflicts), law office management, financial accounting, and risk management. Each student will create and present a business development and practice management plan. The goal of the course is to give each student a running start with a business development plan and specific strategies for developing their practice, regardless of the type of the substantive area or environment in which they choose to practice.

Class Notes:

This course will help students to develop professional management skills and to develop a personal plan for developing the substantive knowledge; professional skills and business focus to create a fulfilling law practice (final paper). The course will focus on the economics of law practice, including forecasting demand for legal services and non-traditional alternatives; law practice; financial management; team dynamics and leadership; effectively communicating with clients, colleagues, other parties and tribunals; client development and service; and risk management. Assignments and simulations will demonstrate and model various skills. Each student will create a professional development plan based on their current thoughts about substantive areas of interest and the environment in which they may choose to practice. Course enrollment is limited to 16 3Ls.