Social Justice Coalition

Social Justice Coalition (SJC) is the student run organization focused on raising awareness among law students about issues and careers in public interest. The Coalition welcomes all interested law students, recognizing that the opportunity to serve others is an important experience in our legal education.

SJC provides a network for students concerned with social justice issues and works with other student organizations to provide a space for networking and collaboration on a variety of social justice issues and topics.

Our Role

SJC holds meetings each semester, including general meetings and other workshops on mentoring, career planning and current issues. These meetings are intended to provide opportunities for interaction and support among other law student organizations on campus and between coalition members.

In addition, SJC encourages and helps facilitate community service amongst our members and aids in our members’ development through our mentor-mentee program. The coalition assists with the Benefit for Justice; coordinates student attendance to the annual Grillo Retreat; and co-sponsors numerous events with other student organizations.

Officers 2023-2024:

Co-President Leah Klassen
Co-President Hana Steinbronn
Co External Vice President Marcus Villanueva
Co External Vice President Gavin Partington
Internal Vice President Jason Cowan
Secretary Gloria Robles
Communications Chair Danielle Bongulto
Community Outreach Coordinator Alyson Smock
2L Advisor Maya Peterson-Bailey
3L Advisor Erik Echeona

Instagram: @sjc_scu

Active Member Organization, Student Bar Association 2023-2024