Student Life

SCOTUS Review strives to promote discussion and awareness of current events of the Supreme Court of the United States, Federal Courts of the United States, State Courts, and similar events that may impact the interpretation and development of the law. We host events that seek to cultivate discussion on these topics amongst students, faculty, members of Santa Clara University’s administration, alumni, attorneys, and the surrounding community. We hope to inspire greater engagement and appreciation of the effects judicial rulings can have on the conception of law, history, and everyday encounters.


Officers 2023-2024:


Nyssa Leonardi

Internal Vice President

Matteo de Suduiraut

External Vice President

AnnMarie Howell


William Nachtrieb


Nicholas Voytilla

3L Class Representative

Garrett Clark

3L Class Representative

Nicholas Brosamle

2L Class Representative

Victoria Vidales


Active Member Organization, Student Bar Association 2023-2024