Student Bar Association

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At Santa Clara Law, the Student Bar Association (SBA) Executive Board represents the interests of law students in their relationship with faculty administration, alumni, and the surrounding community. Day-to-day responsibilities of the SBA include facilitating student events and communications, of which includes publication of The Grapevine. Furthermore, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or recommendations, submit a response to SBA’s new anonymous SBA Tip Line¬†form.¬†

Additionally, the SBA oversees the function of over 40 law student organizations that are present on-campus. Managing these organizations enriches the career, professional, community, and social offerings for the Santa Clara Law community. They provide for social interaction, community service, and pre-professional activities.

All students enrolled at Santa Clara University School of Law are members of the SBA. Nationally, the SBA is a part of the 50,000 member American Bar Association-Law Student Division (ABA-LSD).

Click here for your SBA Constitution & ByLaws (Revised 2013).

Business Cards for Students

The SBA Executive Board has formed a business card printing arrangement for Santa Clara Law students; business cards can be ordered here.

Student Bar Association Executive Board, 2022-2023

Co-President Nima Masjedi Zadeh
Co-President Vincent Anh-Viet Pham
Co-Vice President Full-Time Students Caroline Perrino
Co-Vice President Full-Time Students Nicole Poirot
Vice President of Part-Time Students Annaliese Parker
Co-Vice President of External Affairs Eamon Condon
Co-Vice President of External Affairs Jason Cowan
Secretary Carly Andrus
Treasurer Christina Nadeau
Co-Director of Internal Communication Eduardo Fisher
Co-Director of Internal Communication Samuel Plante
Co-Director of Community Service Julie Major
Co-Director of Community Service Olivia Tomita
Co-Risk Management Officer Alexia Torres
Co-Risk Management Officer Erik Villanueva
Co-ABA/LSD Representative Jason Cowan
Co-ABA/LSD Representative Eamon Condon

Active Member Organization, Student Bar Association 2022-2023