All students enrolled at Santa Clara University School of Law are members of the Student Bar Association (SBA). Nationally, the Student Bar Association is a part of the 50,000 member American Bar Association-Law Student Division (ABA-LSD).

Student Bar Association Executive Board 2019-2020:

On our campus, the SBA Executive Board represents the interests of law students in their relationship with faculty administration, alumni and the surrounding community. The SBA also oversees the function of the approximately 41 student organizations that are present on our campus. Managing these organizations enriches the career, professional, community, and social offerings for the Santa Clara Law community. The Executive Board also provides opportunities for social interaction, community service, and pre-professional activities. Day-to-day responsibilities of the SBA include facilitating student events, communications, including publication of The Grapevine, and management of the Student Life website.

Co-President Trisha Sandhu
Co-President Ozzy Hidalgo Otamendi
Co-Vice President Full-Time Students Jenna Anderson
Co-Vice President Full-Time Students Andrew San Jose
Vice President of External Affairs Blake Whitacre
Vice President of External Affairs Oscar Torres
Part Time Students Vice President Courtney Mangus
Secretary Deena Zaki
Secretary Bianca Bonjean
Treasurer Phil Alne
Director of Internal Communication Thi Tran
Director of Internal Communication Pedro Naveiras
Co-Director Community Service Preston “Sonny” Brock
Co-Director Community Service Alex Sepolen

ABA Representatives:

ABA Reps serve as the link between the ABA and law students in their school. The primary purpose of the ABA Representative is to advocate on behalf of ABA Law Student Division members at their school, serve as the school’s point person on the ABA, to promote the ABA, and communicate the benefits of the ABA

ABA Rep Jonathan Collins
ABA Rep Lauryn Younge
ABA Rep Dustin Weber
ABA Rep Diana Han
ABA Rep Melina Moss-Vazquez

Class Representatives:

Class Representatives work closely with the SBA to promote the interests of their class or division and are encouraged to serve on various SBA committees. Additionally, Class Representatives sit on the Board of Governors to enact SBA legislation and approve law student organization budgets. Up to four representatives are elected from each class/division (1L, 2L, 3L, PT, LLM), and elections are held within the first four weeks of school.

1L Class Representative Leonardo Kim
1L Class Representative Tevin Hurlow
1L Class Representative Sonya Chalaka
1L Class Representative Rylee Sherouse
1L Class Alternate Elaine Ke
1L Class Alternate Daniel Grigore
2L Class Representative Eber Terceros Barrera
2L Class Representative Alyssa Kamel
2L Class Representative Ariel Fields
2L Class Alternate Julianna Cassara
2L Class Alternate Emma Sol
3L Class Representative Felipe Romero Jr.

Business Cards for Students

The SBA Executive Board has formed a business card printing arrangement for Santa Clara Law students; business cards can be ordered here.

Click here for your SBA Constitution & ByLaws (Revised 2013)

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