If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice

Student Life

What is If/When/How?

If/When/How is a national non-profit network of law students, professors, and legal professionals committed to fostering the next wave of legal experts for the reproductive justice movement. Mobilizing and mentoring new lawyers and scholars is a long-term strategy that will build capacity, vision, and leadership for a more successful reproductive justice movement. Law functions as both a catalyst to prompt the expansion of rights and a tool with which to hold governments and communities accountable for the delivery of liberty, equality, dignity, and fairness promised by those rights. Santa Clara Law founded its own If/When/How chapter during the 2018-2019 school year.

Reproductive justice will exist when all people can exercise the rights and access the resources they need to thrive and to decide if, when, and how to create and sustain a family with dignity, free from discrimination, coercion, or violence. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring access to medically accurate, age-appropriate, culturally competent sex and sexuality education, as well as comprehensive, quality reproductive healthcare, including prenatal care, postnatal care, contraception, abortion services, and alternative reproductive technologies for all people, free from coercion, discrimination, and violence.

What types of events do we host?

We host a series of events at the intersection of the “RJ Squared” framework, or the notion that racial justice is requisite to ensuring reproductive justice. Examples of events that we host include (but are not limited to):

  • General body meetings providing opportunities for student members to bond and collaborate on events;
  • Service events such as drives and donation banks for low-income families or families, partnerships with local businesses owned by entrepreneurs of color;
  • Schoolwide forums related to contemporary legal issues implicating racial justice and/or the reproductive justice movement;
  • Workshops and panels with attorneys related to topics such as health equity, birth justice, recent Supreme Court decisions, and use of medical technologies in reproductive care settings

How can I get Involved?

As a law student, you can become involved with If/When/How by becoming a member, class representative, or joining our leadership team. Interested students should reach out to us at ifwhenhow@scu.edu. Also, be sure to check out the If/When/How national website for the latest information on reproductive justice.

2022-2023 Officers:

President/Chapter Leader Emma Dauplaise edauplaise@scu.edu
Co-Vice President of Finance Cara Chang cchang7@scu.edu
Co-Vice President of Finance Elizabeth Magana emagana@scu.edu
Co-Vice President of Community Service Ella Wesly ewesly@scu.edu
Co-Vice President of Community Service Taylor Green tmgreen@scu.edu
Co-Chapter Liaison Caitlin Edwards cnedwards@scu.edu
Co-Chapter Liaison Mollie Davis msdavis@scu.edu
3L Representative Aya Nouiouat anouiouat@scu.edu
2L Representative Cassidy Bauer cbauer@scu.edu

Active Member Organization, Student Bar Association 2022-2023