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About JLSA

The JLSA is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming place for Jews and non-Jews to congregate, learn and celebrate all things Jewish. We are dedicated to providing students a forum in which they can learn about legal practices and network with Bay Area attorneys. Throughout the year, we host speaker events, holiday gatherings, and connect our members with mentor practitioners. Please feel free to contact any of our officers with questions about our events or programs! For general inquiries or requests to receive mailings and announcements, please email



Every Fall, the JLSA hosts its famous Wine and Cheese Networking Event. Attorneys eagerly attend to meet students and answer questions about choosing a practice, picking the right firm or agency, and life as an attorney.

Speaking Events

The JLSA Speaker Programs welcome both academics and religious leaders several times a year to discuss cutting edge political and legal topics or to host an educational session about Jewish Law. Our members enjoy free lunch and a discussion on a wide range of issues that have included Terrorism in the Middle East, Abortion and Jewish Law, and Holocaust Memorial Day.


We do our best to make sure students are not alone for the holidays. The JLSA works closely with Hillel of Silicon Valley to provide tickets to high-holiday services at neighboring synagogues and the opportunity to join a Jewish family for their holiday celebrations. We invite all to our annual Passover Seder and to enjoy apples and honey on the Jewish New Year.

Mentoring Program

Hillel of Silicon Valley introduces our members to attorneys in the Bay Area and also helps to secure internships in our jMentor and jIntern programs! Students are encouraged to meet with their mentors and take full advantage of the advice and experience they have to offer!!

2022-2023 Officers:

President Joshua Vergules
Co-Vice President Alisha Hacker
Co-Vice President Karina Vals
Treasurer Jakob Speert
Secretary Karina Vals
Communications Chair Tanya Naps

Active Member Organization, Student Bar Association 2022-2023