Mission Statement:

The Student Intellectual Property Law Association (SIPLA) provides a comprehensive forum for Santa Clara Law School students to interact with IP practitioners in cross-disciplinary discussions and lectures. We are committed to preparing students for their future careers as IP attorneys who are well-equipped to face the challenges of current and future IP issues in Silicon Valley and beyond.

2019-2020 Officers:

Presidents: Caitlin Mitchell (cemitchell@scu.edu) & Sylvia Dorghalli (sdorghalli@scu.edu)

Vice President – Internal: Amir Jabbari (ajabbari@scu.edu)

Vice President – External: Abraham Barrera (abarrera@scu.edu)

Treasurer: Felipe Romero (fromero@scu.edu)

Secretary: Justin Hartley (jhartley@scu.edu)

Social Media:

Active Member Organization, Student Bar Association 2019-2020